Get your office, company or colleagues together to fight it out to find who’s the champion of the Super Rugby Club at Morrell & Co 2018!

We challenge you, your team or business to join our Super Ruby Picks Competition. Come down each Thursday to select your rugby picks for the weekly game.

Why should I join?

  • FIRST PLACE $1000 cash prize
  • Second and Third Place a share of $500 cash
  • Great deals and nibbles for Club Members every Thursday (4pm-8pm)
  • Random weekly prizes to give away
  • Special deals on game nights for members
  • Live screening of all Super Ruby Matches
  • Live music after every home game

 What do I need to do?

  • Registration is only $25
  • See our registration form below, you can either print it out or we have copies available at the bar.

Go it alone as an individual, unite as a team with colleagues, or join as a company and compete against other local businesses.

Get your picks on at Morrell & Co!